A Story on Comparison

There was once a young horse. This horse was always surrounded by other horses of different shapes and sizes. But his favourite was the horse that lived next door. Not only was the neighbouring horse tall, but he was also mighty. He would look at his neighbour with envy and walk away telling himself that one day, he too would grow up to be just like it.

Every day, the baby horse would always start his day walking up to his favourite horse, and then make rounds to visit the other horses down the path. …

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The world has changed and starting a team does not mean needing to get a physical workspace. With the digital world, we can build an international team from day one. Tools available on the internet are more than sufficient to provide a seamless working experience for managing a remote team. As a co-founder of an educational game startup, I realise that our experience of managing remote teams is rather unique. While we are still working on improving our processes, I have decided to share some of the common practices that we have found really useful to managing a virtual team:


Monday Jumpstarts

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2.5 years ago, I graduated from University with a Bachelor’s that specialises in Computer Science. I felt like an imposter. Unless someone asked me what I studied, I would never dare to tell anyone that I was a coder. Ironically, I came out of school feeling more inadequate than before I went in and was determined to never set foot in coding ever again. Coding was truly my greatest fear.

But fast forward 2.5 years later, I’m really proud to say that my journey of entrepreneurship has unknowingly helped me overcome this fear. Now, I lead a team of developers…

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Creating games that allow players to experience your brand

KidZania once had a brilliant idea of merging marketing with entertainment. I know because my startup once paid to set up a booth there. Parents would pay for kids to enter the theme park and companies like us would sponsor their activities to create brand awareness. In a short span of 3 weeks, we had more than a thousand kids interact with our brand. But unfortunately, the recent covid pandemic created a strain on the theme park, causing the Singapore outlet to close. …

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What is Roblox and why it will be an essential experience

The listing of Roblox earlier in March 2021 has definitely turned many heads to learn more about this kid’s gaming platform. Most of us, over 25, probably have not played any of their games, much less know of the existence of this platform. Many associate Roblox with Minecraft, considering that some of their games do take on the block-like aesthetics that Minecraft brand itself with. But this is a misconception.

Roblox is not only a game, but a game platform, game engine and a game ecosystem built entirely for kids. …

Credits to Nintendo

(SPOILER ALERT) A Deep Dive into Breath of the Wild

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, a critically acclaimed game with multiple accolades. Launched in 2017 to the Nintendo Switch, I know of a few individuals who bought the console just to play this game. When it was first launched, two of my close friends introduced me to it. But back then, gaming wasn’t my thing. Now that I develop educational games for a living, I thought I’d try it out. And I regret not giving it a shot earlier!

On many occasions, I found myself spending over an hour trying to tackle just one of the challenges…

What’s it like to work at Ottodot? Well, we have a really big space. We have hot desks, one thirteen-seater meeting space, a directors’ office, a pantry and a games area. Our office is also able to house a team of game designers and developers from 3 different continents. And occasionally work with freelancers who need to balance our projects with their school projects. Where is our office, you may ask? It’s on the internet!

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A recount of the moment that picked me up when I was at my lowest

As I walked back from exercising opposite my place, I slumped. A wave of negativity surged through me. Over the past few days, I felt defeated. We had just launched our prototype game into the public, and the turn up was much lower than what I hoped for. To be fair, we planned our launch one day before we opened it up. The turn up was actually pretty good considering how last minute it was. But the hopeful part of me wanted this to be our big break.

The next few days, I really questioned why I was doing this…

3 months ago, we asked ourselves a difficult question: do our products actually make learning fun? Or did we just sugar coat learning with common gamification elements? Honestly, it was the latter. And it was difficult to admit that we had spent 2 years building something that did not actually make learning fun.

2-year-old companies usually have good numbers to show potential growth. Revenue that showed potential market fit. And while our platform had almost a 2-times month-on-month growth, the drop-off rate was extremely high. Upon talking to our users, we realised that our product fell far from innovative. …

Sometimes it takes the worst times to bring out the best in us

Slightly more than 2 years ago, I decided to pursue my own startup. I don’t think I knew what I was signing up for. But I guess sometimes ignorance is what’s needed to take the very first step.

The past 2 years have been rough. If I had to plot a graph to describe the positive and negative moments in the journey, I guess the negatives would far outweigh the positives. There were so many moments where I felt like I just wanted to dig a hole to bury myself into. The times where we launched a product/service hoping to…

Khor Le Yi

An Edtech startup founder whose personal mission is to make learning fun for kids again.

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